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Quotes When I look at my pictures I feel as if I have gone back to the day of my wedding it looks so real Words cannot express how pleased I am with the work you guys did thanks so much, All the best to you and Lisa. From Danielle & Jason. Quotes
Danielle Maharaj
Most Satisfied Bride

Quotes I must say we were delighted to be the winner of your 'most romantic couple' competition ........ Firstly ,we must say THANK U TO AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY...for the great quality of work we got from our photos . IN THIS JOURNEY we met two wonderful people Safraz and Lisa..... At the day of our couple shoot , we were excited and very happy ... u made us feel comfortable right way and we immediately "felt like family". The day of the shoot ... is one we will never forget ..... the different poses and ideas u give us ..... made the shoot even more excited and the fact that u asked us if we had any ideas proved that our needs were important ......... when I first saw the pictures , tears came into my eyes ( it was weird as we always took pictures from other photographers , NONE EVER MADE ME CRY ) TEARS of joy , contentment and great happiness ....... U MADE ME FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN !!!!!!! Quotes
Shane & Shereen
Testimonial, part 1.

Quotes Shane was speechless ....... "he asked are we really that perfect?? " lol the pictures showed us, how much we were in love and it made our love grow even stronger......... (may i mention i got my pics a little while back and i looked at it over a hundred times already lol ) ITS THAT PERFECT !!!!!!!!!! ....... the slide show was a different story ... the best video I have ever seen, the music everything was perfect!!!!!!!!! WE COULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN SOMEONE BETTER TO TAKE OUR PICTURES AND MAKE US LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL IN MANY WAYS ,,,,, surely we will recommend Awesome Photography to every 1 getting married ...... we thank u again ....Safraz for ur amazing work !! Keep it up ..... .... we are actually addicted to our pictures I wish Awesome Photography all the best ,.... and I hope you all be happy forever .. like u made us ... thank u from Shane and Shereen ... P.S YOUR OUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER FOR SURE Quotes
Shane & Shereen
Testimonial, part 2.

Quotes All I have to say is, thank you Safraz for capturing our wedding day's beautifully. You know how they say that pictures speak a thousand words, my pictures surpasses that. It actually made me cry because you captured my wedding, and made it my little own fairy tale event. Memories that will last a life time. Thanks again and i wish you continued success....... Quotes
Anita Singh
Beautifully Captured

Quotes Great professionalism and quality work. Captured the intimacy and warmth of our small wedding with excellent perspectives. Thank you for making our special day one to remember! Quotes
Feyad & Faheema

Quotes Safraz, To say that the pictures from our small intimate wedding with just our closest family and friends are wonderful, is an understatement, because you provided so much more than photographs of our special day. You captured the love, excitement, tenderness, joy, and bliss of the most significant and special day in my life; the photos truly embody a love story and they were one of the best parts, if not the best part, of my wedding experience. You and your beautiful wife captured so much and made the pictures so real, it was us re-living our wedding day ,with all the excitement and nervousness, until we said, ?I do? all over again! There were lots of tears, smiles and hugs that day. It would always be apart of our lives. I don't want to think about what the pictures would have looked like without either of you behind the camera. We can't imagine not having you there to capture these precious moments. Quotes
Robert & Natalie's Testimonial.
Part one.

Quotes You truly told the story and captured our love ......I guess in some form you froze time, through your work. The pictures spoke for themselves. The more time we got to spend with you both, made us feel that we not only had the best photographers we could find, but we had also made two new friends as well. We realized that capturing this special time was the most important thing to you both, since it was the smallest wedding you had ever done and that you were as excited about the event as we were. Your style of photography makes other wedding pictures (we have seen from other professionals) seem boring! What a wonderful gift you and your wife have blessed us with. Your style and professionalism truly compliment both you as a person and your talent. Again, we thank you for making the most memorable day in our life a great memory that we will be able to re-live always. Sincerely, Natalie and Robert Wojcik Quotes
Robert & Natalie's Testimonial.
Part two.

Quotes My husband knew Safraz from WAYYY when it came to choosing our photographer, the decision was made immediately that he would be the one to capture the memories of our special day! The fact that Zafeer and Safraz knew each other so well did in no way affect the level of professionalism and quality that we received. In fact, we were blown away by the superiority of his work and the incomparable service that was offered. Our wedding day was truly the most significant day of our lives, and the clarity and vividness of the photos done by Awesome Photography truly allows us to relive that most special day whenever we delve into the beautiful album that was compiled for us. We would like to sincerely thank Safraz for a job expertly done, for pictures and cds that would last us a lifetime, and for capturing picturesque memories to look back on in the future. Thank you for going above and beyond! Quotes
Fameeda & Zafeer Ali
Wedding Testimonial

Quotes "We first saw some pictures from a friend of ours who used Awesome Photography for her Wedding and we were really impressed with the work done. Safraz was really professional and he did an engagement shoot for us to see some of his work first hand, need I tell you those picture came out amazing!!! We definately knew that we made the right decision to use Awesome Photography to do our wedding. The service was excellent and when we finally saw our wedding pictures we were speechless!! They were absolutely beautiful and flawless. Now we have a wedding album and a cd full of memories that we can share with each other and our friends and family. My words to describe Awesome Photography " Professional photography at it's best, Excellent Service and the Capturer of Memories!!!" Quotes
Nekeisha & Kevin Mitchell

Quotes When we decided to get married, we knew we wanted the perfect photographers because you know what they say 'a picture last a lifetime'. We were introduced to Awesome Photography and we think that it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We could not ask for a better job done with such precision, style and grace. Now when we look at our pictures we feel as if time has stood still. Apart from getting perfect and professional service, we made some great friends and if we had to do it all over again (which we plan too for our fifth anniversary renewal of vows) they will be one of the first people we will call. Thank you guys so much again for an amazing job, we certainly got alot more than we expected and were blown away. Quotes
Jenelle & Kevin Bradley
Wedding Testimonial